Opening “Waves of Weaving”

OPENING Waves of Weaving | Domus Art Gallery Athens

10th March 2022

It’s “Waves of Weaving” the title of the new group show of the Athens’ DOMUS ART GALLERY, which welcomes the works of Yuriko Damiani, Florence Vacher and Tania Welz.

The exhibition will take place from March 10th to April 10th 2022 and it will welcome textile art’s works and decorations on porcelain, weaving 3 different creative approches. Fabrics, fiber, cotton, velvet, silk, jute, ancient japanese gold are the main materials used by the artists to create their works.

Waves of Weaving” evokes the repetitive and rhythmic wave of the hand which moves on surfaces to imprint an image, a vision.
Every artist deals with ancient practices and traditional arts, developing them in a modern perspective, generating new creative and original styles.

In fact, Tania Welz and Florence Vacher test fabrics through seams, embroideries, assemblies, rips and cuts, while Yuriko Damiani paints on porcelain, blending eastern and western themes. “Weaves of Weaving” is about women, traditions, challenges and innovation.




Yuriko Damiani

Yuriko Damiani draws on porcelain shapes obtained by trusted manufactures. Her style is focused on the aesthetics of the Rising Sun, being herself half japanese from her mother. Yuriko is the inventor of the “Under Gold and Ancient Japanese Gold” technique; She is called to show this technique through demonstrations and seminars throughout Italy. Undoubtedly, the combination of oriental themes to the occidental ones makes her works easily recognizable.

All the exhibited artworks belong to a collection created by Yuriko, which takes inspiration from tarots‘ Trumps (or Major Arcana). For those kind of artworks, Yuriko used not only the above-mentioned technique but also other materials such as mother of pearl and silver.

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Florence Vacher

Born in Paris but resident in New York since 1998, Florence Vacher chose weaving art to recontextualize the ceremonial objects of the African Art, making them bidimensional at the end, using sewing and embroidery’s notions. Florence’s iconic sculptures take inspiration mostly from religious rituals. Her large-scale and such vivid colors’ works give off a big power: through the use of hands, She tranforms the objects, beautifying the shapes and allowing herself to add new volumes created by plays of shadows and lights of the photography. Florence spent several decades studying and admiring these objects, observing the way occidental artists, curators, collectors and dealers approched to them.

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Tania Welz

The aim of Tania Welz’s art is an innovative working of textile fibers, through the choice of fabrics already used and destined to be recycled. Tania interconnects them through cuts, assemblies, burns and paddings, creating at the end high-impact chromatic and materic artworks. Tania Welz shows in her works the perpective of a dynamic and visually evocative transformation, thanks to the combining of poor materials, such as recycled jute, to precious fabrics and scraps such as silk, gold and brocade.

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