Art at Home

The events are held in an elegant yet informal, laid back atmosphere spending a lovely evening in a cosy and stylish home.

The choice of creating an art gallery in her home was born out of the need to steer away from the overwhelming, cold, aseptic and impersonal characteristics that very often accompany galleries.
Showing art in a domestic environment is an innovative way of treating art, which allows the artist and audience to connect on a personal level. By frequenting our events our audience has become acquainted to a variety of contemporary artists and genres.
The gallery’s goal is promote artists and be a source for collectors.

“Art does’t need to be posh and detached”.
– Glenda Lorenzani

Art Consulting

Domus Art Gallery gives you the opportunity to request your own painting on commission by choosing both the artist, both the subject and size of the painting. Feel free to send us photos of the space in which the painting must be located and we’ll be happy to offer you advice on finding the best solution for you.

Contact us and commission an artwork from an artist.

What our Artists say about Us

I had the pleasure of being the first to exhibit with Domus and I didn't have high expectations. Instead I was impressed by Glenda's passion, professionalism and determination. In addition to having chosen the house as the perfect location to exhibit works of art, the great cordiality with which it treats the public, the ability to create a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere, all sales negotiations were carried out with great scrupulousness and commitment. In my opinion, the quality of a gallery owner is certainly that of knowing how to choose the right artists, but also and above all that of being able to enhance their work in order to then pass it on to collectors and Glenda Lorenzani has this talent. It is a volcano of energy and vitality. After the first exposure, we have continued to collaborate with excellent results and our working relationship will consolidate and continue to grow.

Giusy Lauriola Artist
Giusy Lauriola Artist

Domus Art Gallery is a vital place where the essence of art nestles combined with a familiar and welcoming atmosphere that reflects the delicate soul of its guests. Where art fits perfectly into the intimate of the home and is no longer an abstract and museum object but is an integral part of the domus. I met Glenda in 2016 and I was fascinated by her energy and the vital force with which she continues her vision of art.

Marjan Fahimi Artist
Marjan Fahimi Artist