Florence Vacher

Florence Vacher

It all begins with a photograph—of an African mask or sculptural figure, usually.

From there, Florence Vacher identifies striking characteristics to highlight through the medium of fabric, playing with a variety of colors, textures, and spatial relations that place her work somewhere between the two-dimensionality of photography and the three-dimensionality of sculpture. Using her hands, she transforms objects by flattening their volumes, giving them emotive human expression, and placing them in relatable surroundings.

By reinterpreting the representation rather than the object, the artist frees herself to integrate new volumes created by the play of the shadow and light of the photography.
Florence Vacher has developed an expertise in Arts from Africa working alongside collectors in Paris and later in New York, where she has lived since 1998. She has spent decades admiring and studying these objects, and observing the ways in which Western artists, dealers, curators, and collectors approach them.
Past exhibitions include French Consulate, New York; Tambaran Gallery, New York, Galerie Chevalier & Parsua, Paris; Tambaran Gallery, New York, Twenty First Gallery, New York.

Florence Vacher:

Textile Artist