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2/4, Amalthias 16671-Vouliagmeni (Athens)

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Glenda Lorenzani, 30 years old, comes from Roma, Italy.

She has always been fond of Art in all its forms, since she breathed it from her cheldood, thanks to her mother, an Art History teacher, and her grandmother, writer and poet.

Glenda moved to Athens in November 2014 and has become a gallerist.

She has devoted herself totally to Art. She manages the Domus Art Gallery.

This location is also her home by choice so as to undertake a new way to treat art.

 Inaugurations are only one step of her gallerist work.Her goal is to make herself a promoter of artists and become a source for collectors.

Crossing the gallery borders, as already experimented succesfully in New York and London.

She has cureted succesfully the Domus Art Gallery first exhibition with Roman artist Giusy Lauriola on the 6th December 2014.

Her goal in this starting phase is to make italian contemporary Art known to the Greek oudience.

Domus Art Gallery will organize artistic events bi-monthly, which includes friends,collectors and 'art-o-philes',those dedicated to the appreciation of creative works of art.Said events will be offered in an unconventional atmosphere, yet done in good taste.Those who frequent our events will become acquainted with the works of contemporary artists, while simultaneously spending a lovely evening in a welcoming ambience-an elegant twist to the normal antiseptic jaunts to the museums and galleries.


“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” 

Pablo Picasso