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Domus Art Gallery is run by italian gallerist Glenda Lorenzani. After a few weeks of having moved to Athens from Rome in November, 2014, she decided to set up the Domus Art Project, opening her house to the public.

Events are held in a tasteful but informal, laid back atmosphere, by spending a lovely evening in a cosy and elegant home. By showing art in a domestic everyday living environment artists and audience are able to connect on a more personal level and the art per se is treated in an innovative way. Lorenzani’s goal is to promote artists and to offer collectors a source of unique pieces.

Domus Art Gallery Athens
Domus Art Gallery Athens

Art Consulting

Domus Art Gallery offers the service of commissioning a painting via the selection of artist, subject matter and dimensions. We welcome photographs of the space which interests you to be the host of artwork and we shall be happy to offer advice and help in finding the best proposals possible for you.

Contact us and commission an artwork from an artist.

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Art for Sale

We would like people to start thinking of art as something approachable and relatable.

Art is and should be a fundamental part of homes, offices and all spaces where most time is spent. This concept alters what has been up to now a barrier that alienates people from the desire to buy art. Art fundamentally affects emotions in everyday life. Stories and feelings are expressed through art, just the way they also are expressed through books. Let’s read the beauty of art.
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At Domus Art Gallery, our Artists are carefully chosen for their sensitivity in describing contemporary visual art, in a current and innovative way.
We care for our artists on a personal level, and work alongside each other in organizing events and vernissages. We strategize to assist the growth of the artist’s public profile and as an ethos Domus Art Gallery is committed to raising public awareness towards art.

Fine Art Photography


Domus Art Gallery focuses on all forms of Visual Art and Photography, and without doubt, is a bright rising star of recent years.

As a result we have chosen to offer Photography prints within the realms of Fine Art that will adorn your walls and transform the entire room they are placed. Each photograph is available in various sizes, framing options and in the choice of Chromaluxe or Acrylic HD print technology.

Please visit our website dedicated to photography DOMUS LUXURY PRINTS »

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Domus Art Gallery Athens collaborates with established artist as well as emerging talent. We carefully choose them for their sensitivity in describing contemporary visual art, in a current and innovative way.
Our aim is to capture the artist’s essence and further support the development of their artistic journey. If you are an artist and you are interested in being represented