Giusy Lauriola Artist

Giusy Lauriola

Giusy Lauriola was born in Rome, where she lives and works; her studio is located in the Testaccio district.

She has exhibited in galleries in Italy and abroad, arrived  finalist in the Celeste Prize (2007), the Lupa Prize (2020) and winner of the Pier Maria Rossi Museum competition (2015). Her works are found in private collections in Europe, the United States, Canada, Taiwan, Singapore, Syria and South Africa. Giusy Lauriola is part of the 2020 edition of the Atlas of Contemporary Art De Agostini, the most complete collection of Italian artists from 1950 up today.

She was invited to exhibit as  honor guest at the International Photo Festival in Lodz in Poland, with a solo exhibition in Damascus, an International Symposium in Idlib in Syria and for an artistic residence in Caramanico Terme.
Lately Giusy Lauriola exhibited at Castel dell’Ovo in Naples, at the Macro – Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome -, at Palazzo Merulana within the exhibition Stateless / Identity not dispersed and at the Contemporary Art Fairs of Padua and Genova. The Fiera di Parma, a solo show in the Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan and in the medieval castle of Capalbio, have been postponed due to Covid 19.

Sergio Rispoli, Agnieszka Zakrzewicz, Gianluca Marziani, Maurizio Calvesi, Micol di Veroli, Giorgia Calò, Cristina del Ferraro, Manuela De Leonardis, Manuela Pacelli, Barbara Drudi, Carlo Ercoli, Antonietta Campilongo, Roberta Cima, Ada Egido and Glenda Lorenzani have curated her exhibitions.

Giusy Lauriola attended the professional course of illustration Pencil Art in Rome and a drawing and painting course at the Academy of Arts and Crafts of San Giacomo. She took private lessons from two teachers, Silvio Bicchi from the Macchiaioli school (her father was a pupil of Fattori) and Alberto Bertuzzi, who transferred the Flemish oil technique to her. She graduated with honors in modern foreign languages ​​and literatures at la Sapienza Uni of Rome.

“Since I was a child I used to hide under a table to draw and make small objects: today my studio is that place. My research focuses on the figure, on the stroke, on the material and on the colors. These elements together help me to translate the feeling, the nature of my inner world and the form in which I work out the exterior onto the canvas. The use of materials is fundamental: I started from oil, and then experimented with acrylic, plexiglass, enamel, resin, plaster, coffee, Japanese ink and bitumen. The material that forms the background to my works represents the body, the stroke and the colors, the essence, the soul, the feelings. Each project I create flows from an intimate need and from the search to transfer to the canvas the inner vision that I see confused in the distance. Every time even a small part manages to get out I recognize it not visually but emotionally”.

Giusy Lauriola:

Visual Artist / Painter