marco manzo

Marco Manzo

Marco Manzo, tattoo artist of international fame, visual artist, sculptor and designer was born in Rome (where he lives and works), in 1968.

One of his ultimate achievements was to transform the tattoo into a respected art form and to make it worthy of art institutional consideration, on a par with the ‘fine arts’. He brought tattoo art to contemporary art museums and added it to their permanent collections, in great exhibitions and public artworks, marking a new stage of progress in the history of art.
His tattoo art can be considered ephemeral, seeing as the human body is mortal. However in order to eternalize his mark, he produced a series of sculptures thus making his sign everlasting. In this way his ‘ornamental style’ (of which he’s considered forerunner and theorist, having also written his “Manifesto” about it), entered eternity.

His artworks have been exhibited, in various ways over the years, at some of the most important Contemporary Art Museums, such as the Moma and the Gagosian gallery of New York, the Maxxi, the Macro and The Vittoriano of Rome. Manzo has participated both in the Venice Biennale of Architecture (2018), and the Venice Biennale of Art (2019).
His wide knowledge of the past has inspired the unique style of his creativity. During his career he interacted and collaborated with other creatives from the world of music and cinema, among which we should mention the director and actress Asia Argento and the singer and musician Max Gazzè. Manzo has been interviewed hundreds of times both for tv and newspapers/magazines.
Winner of over 75 national and international awards, he was also the official BMW designer for a one-of-a-kind collector’s item.

Marco Manzo :