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Nikos Mikroulis

Original conception, impeccable design, and exceptional execution are the characteristics that distinguish the elaborate, wood-carved constructions of Nikos Mikroulis. The aim of the artist is the visual exploitation of concepts through the perfection of the processing of the material.

The key elements that continue his creations, as he claims, are spirituality and austerity, universal laws, motion and machines. A self-taught artist, Nikos Mikroulis has managed to escape the trend of depicting obsolete objects.

Without a doubt, the works present eloquently, with the required intensity, momentum and vortex of the vision of an excellent craftsman. The spirit of his works embodies the intense sense of life and movement, which emerge from the volumes of wood. The artist himself characteristically emphasizes that he feels as if he is called to “pull” from the depths of the wood to its surface concepts, which he remembers to fascinate him over time, such as life, flight, fall, escape, harmony, pain, and overall the mysterious and enigmatic element of the cosmic world that surrounds us.

The metaphysical dimension of these concepts expresses the broader concerns of the artist Nikos Mikroulis who tries to seduce those who come in contact with his work, during their fascinating conversation with the strange constructions.

The artist’s world seems to pulsate with the mechanisms of the artwork’s gears, which set into motion the tiny machines and succeed to ingeniously magnetize the viewer’s interest and urge him to dive inside them and feel them with his eyes.

Year 2013 was a milestone year for the artist, when in May he was awarded the 1st prize in the Visual Arts Competition. His retrospective exhibition, entitled “Enigmatic Space-Time”, in November 2013, was the first time that a significant part of his entire work was exhibited to the general public. This was followed by his representations from well-known Athenian galleries at fairs such as Art Thessaloniki (2017) and Art Athina (2019). His works are now in many private collections around the world.

– Sophia Makrygiorgou – Curator/ Art Advisor

Nikos Mikroulis:

Artist / Sculptor