Dreamland: Marjan Fahimi – Giusy lauriola

Dreamland: Marjan Fahimi - Giusy lauriola

18th march – 30th June 2016

On March 18th Domus Art Gallery was glad to present an interesting exhibition of two artists, the Italian Giusy Lauriola and the Iranian Marjan Fahimi. There is an element that links the works of both artists: the research of Essence, in Nature for Marjan and in Dream for Giusy.

Both the Iranian Fahimi and the Italian Lauriola present an evolution from a figurative form of art to an abstract representation. Marjan Fahimi, who has been living in Rome since 2004, loves to reproduce landscapes in which weather phenomena have the main role: air, wind, clouds, rain, water, light and earth are harnessed as research of natural scenery offering a poetic result. It is an endless study of what appears as unusual and spectacular to the eyes of the observer. In the works presented for this exhibition Marjan adopted an abstract approach to her research of the main natural elements, concentrating on the contrasts between light and shadow, colors and textures, in an effort to give visions of Nature to the subconscious.

Giusy Lauriola is presented her new project: “Wings Plunged into Colors”; based on an abstraction and a flash of thought, which allows the artist to solidify the sensation which makes her so fond of this subject matter. She started with wings suspended on the shoulders of her “urban walkers”, which then disappear in the “women over the world”. The wings come back again to become the protagonists of space/time in the painting. Once again they are the essence of dreams, our contact with the invisible part of the universe. Furthermore, the artist tries to materialize the wings enabling the audience to touch them and stop them just when they are about to fade away as dreams.
The material aspect of the paintings, has been created by overlapping layers, such as the nature of time, space and recollection is made of.

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