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Women InColors - Domus Art Gallery ARTISTS

9 May 2019

Domus Art Gallery presented on Thursday 9th, May, the ‘Women Incolors’ exhibition with the artworks of two artists: the Italian Giusy Lauriola and the British-Greek Natassa Kaloti.
Different origins but similar in the research results they have undertaken as women and artists. Giusy Lauriola’s uses resin creating elusive and liquid women whilst Natassa Kaloti’s oxymoron style, uses the human body as a means to imprint a spatiotemporal stamp on canvas. In “Women Incolors” the two artists have left women’s persona of the past as a muse and have put them in the foreground of their work.
Giusy Lauriola interprets the feminine universe showing the power, fragility, bright colors, sensuality and the strength contained. Lauriola notes ,“this new series of artwork is the research result via the use of resin and colours. I wanted to create transparent but hidden figures, fragile yet strong, by starting from figurative style and arriving at abstract expressionism. It’s my way of expressing the feminine state. This is the reason I call them Liquid Women. Liquid, because resin represents water and water reaches everywhere.”
Natassa Kaloti has worked on the series “Illusion of Free Will” extensively exploring movement, print, mixed media (gold leaf and acrylic) and performance. There is a strong philosophical background supporting this work, which is then translated onto the canvas by the use of dancers, who leave their print via a set composition of a series of movement, which in turn becomes the foundation upon which she works back into.

Giusy Lauriola is an Italian visual artist living in Rome. She has exhibited in various galleries in Italy and abroad, has been nominated for several awards and in 2015 received the first prize for the selection of the Pier Maria Rossi Museum. Her works can be found in private collections in Europe, the United States of America and Singapore. After Athens she will exhibit in Shangai, Rome and New York.
She graduated with Honors in Modern Foreign Languages and Literature at “La Sapienza University” of Rome. Furthermore, she attended the San Giacomo Academy of Art and Crafts and the professional illustration course Pencil Art in Rome, as well as private lessons by two masters, Silvio Bicchi from whom she learned the Macchiaioli technique and Alberto Bertuzzi from whom she learned the Flemish and hyper-realist technique.

Natassa Kaloti is an artist of British-Greek origin currently living in Greece. Her work started under the influence of Nouveau Realism, Expressionism and Philosophy. She studied Fine Art at Chelsea College of the Arts, University of the Arts London, and further went on to receive a BA in Dance (RAD) and Philosophy, an MPhil in Political Philosophy and holds a PhD in Philosophy of Mind, in Artificial Intelligence. She has worked alongside N. Navridis in “Looking for a Place”, which represented Greece, at the Biennale Art Festival in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Tate Modern and is part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Athens. She had been part of group exhibitions and has also had individual shows. Her work belongs to private collections in the USA, UK, Italy, Greece and Switzerland.


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