Marjan Fahimi CROSSOVER solo exhibition

Marjan Fahimi CROSSOVER solo exhibition

“CROSSOVER The Present is unfolding”, Marjan Fahimi’s solo exhibition at Domus marks a renewed collaboration with the gallery presenting her ever-evolving creative process.

Domus Art Gallery is pleased to welcome Marjan Fahimi’s second exhibition entitled “Crossover”, from the 21st of October till the 5th of December 2023.

The show describes a period of great personal and professional changes for the artist who has shifted from pure abstract forms to the integration of figurative. Curated by Giulia Coccia, the project aims to enhance Marjan’s personal journey from her country of origins – Iran -to the cultural experience collected in Italy where she has lived for the past 22 years. Her creative quest translates into a cross contamination between past and present, abstract and figurative, which seamlessly blend into each other making a CROSSOVER.

As Marjan Fahimi states:

“At the beginning I was inspired by the urban views of my hometown, Tehran. Later on, after moving to the north suburbs of Rome, I explored the natural landscapes of the countryside. Only recently, I realized that the canvas was showing me more and more figures and faces at an embryonic stage floating in the atmosphere of the paintings and inviting me to give them shape.”

It was then that she forged an even stronger connection with the viewers, as their engaging reading of outlining figures, faces, animals and landscapes within the picture convinced her to explore these random events. “Everyone who faces the work brings into it his own sensitivity, his personal and cultural experience, so that every single interaction becomes a new execution.”, she says. Through the viewer’s eye the work is reborn to an ever-changing original life and turns into an OPEN WORK or MOVING WORK.

This new approach has clearly changed the late stage of her artistic production until now strongly characterized by abstract, that viewers and collectors have associated her work with over time. The “Crossover” exhibition encapsulates all this transitional process defying her mature artistic signature.


About Marjan Fahimi

Marjan Fahimi is an Iranian artist born in Tehran in 1982. At the age of 15 she began attending painting courses at Hossein Maher’s Studio and after graduation she started studies in Italian Language and Literature at the University of Tehran; in the meantime she participated in several group exhibitions in some of the most important galleries of the Tehran art scene such as Elahe Art Gallery, Bahman Cultural Center, Robat Art Gallery.

Marjan Fahimi


Fahimi has also realized two solo exhibitions: in 2003 with the “Urban Details” project at Atbin Art Gallery and in 2004 with the exhibition “Birds” at Seyhoon Art Gallery. The latter period of work is particularly influenced by the city and its landscapes, details and urban views seen so closely as to become abstract images, the only creatures to animate the scene are the birds, almost always sitting to contemplate the passageways of the concrete city.

In 2004 she came to Rome to study architecture. Being in contact with Renaissance and Baroque art changed her artistic vision in a perceptible way; subsequently she moved to the roman countryside, moving closer to nature and undertaking research on the naturalistic component of the landscape and its poetics, interpreting it in an abstract manner where the subjects are mainly characterized by views that highlight the main atmospheric phenomena: wind, clouds, rain and light.

Her search for an equilibrium between figurative and abstract continues, exploring a global vision of painting that proposes both the realism of the form and the lyric of sentiment. Stylistic research is combined with an experimental technique, mostly layered. The use of transparent resin in her artistic production is quite recent: she experimented for the first time with it in 2016. She uses transparent resin in order to encapsulate the pictorial moment and makes the space brighter, thus accentuating the depth of the work as well as the sensorial perception that comes from the stratification of the color.



About Domus Art Gallery

Domus Art Gallery Athens is run by Italian art gallerist, Glenda Lorenzani. Domus Art Gallery organizes monthly meetings dedicated to artists, friends, collectors, up and coming talents, art enthusiasts, inquisitive minds and all those who have an interest in creativity and art. Since 2014, Domus Art Gallery has hosted many artists mostly from Greece and Italy.


Located on the ground floor of Lorenzani’s house, the events are held in an elegant yet informal, laid-back atmosphere, cozy and stylish at the same time creating a unique, creative gallery.

Moreover, Domus Art Gallery offers professional art consulting services giving clients and collectors the opportunity to request their own painting on commission by choosing the artist, the subject and the size of the painting.

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