Butterfly Effect: Giusy Lauriola

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5 December 2014 – 6 January 2015

The Protagonists of the artist’s works are urban wonderers on Roman streets, who in the vision of their everlasting wanderings offer themselves as existential metaphors. Daily visions are elaborated in a new dimension: a short circuit between the artist’s reality and inner being.

Keeping in mind The Butterfly Effect’s famous theory, insignificant changes in the initial condition, including small movements of air molecules created by the beat of insect wings, could result in causing great variations: a single action can unexpectedly determine the future.

In this unusual scenario, we can fathom Butterfly wings, mysteriously leaning against wanderers who seem almost unaware of them, but are symbols of our timid, but coloured and graceful aspirations; the ones we don’t even, at times, recognize in ourselves, but which unbelievably come along with us.
By leaning wings on wanderers the artist incites the creation of a butterfly effect, which can originate from positive thinking, such as the pursuit of dreams, in order to improve our lives.

Wings that can result to our personal success, as superbly represented by Nike, the winged goddess of victory, coalesce in the Acropolis alongside Athena. Athenians later cut the wings off to prevent both the goddess and victory from leaving their town.
The reference to the past and beauty of Rome, where, coincidentally, the artist lives, is often used as a backdrop in these works, together with references to Greek mythology as a means of using past glories of Rome and Greece within the exhibition, as a reminder of the great wisdom of the past.

Giusy Lauriola’s works are created on two layers; canvas and Plexiglas, in this way creating depth, which inspires movement and aims at overcoming the limits of two-dimensionality.

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