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Vittoria Panunzi

Born in Rome in 1984, Vittoria grew up in an intense and passionate cultural environment, due to the influence and lessons her father Bruno gave her from an early age; both in painting and in art history.

As a member of several Cultural associations, she participates in projects for the validation and conservation of artistic Heritage.

Parallel to her studies, she developed a passion for painting, thus embarking on a journey of of inner and artistic growth that led to her first solo show in 2008, landing her in the most important international cities; London and New York.

Victoria’s admiration for Arte Povera and Informal Art techniques brings her closer to an artistic path which is characterised by incessant experimentation in colours, natural elements and support that come together in an intertwining harmony of materials and line.

Colours become symbolic contributions to a language seeped in imagination and immense intangible elements. Her artistic study investigates new materials, through the use of mixed media in her painting technique; canvas, plaster, acrylic and the use of industrial paint, whilst incorporating leaves, paper, wood, stone fabric and carbon fibres.

Vittoria Panunzi:

Artist / Painter