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Giusy Lauriola



Giusy Lauriola lives and works in Rome. During her artistic career, she has investigated, public issues such as the Iraq war, underlining themes as the indifference to the suffering of others, manipulated needs or the power of publicity.

With this work she has been invited in Poland, Lodz, as honour guest for an International festival.  Moving away from the reporting of suffering she focuses her attention on her city – Rome – that she interprets with dream like visions. The next project is the work of the divine in the everyday images: the fight between Illumination and Obscurity. This project has been showed in Rome and in Montecarlo and her video art has been selected for an important Italian Award, Celeste Price. Coming back from a meaningful trip in Burkina Faso (Western Africa) a fragmentary vision was born; such as a flash, that synthesizes souvenirs, present moments and unexpected memories. Her vision has deeply changed, attracted by the essential. The combination of traditional paintings techniques and her formula of resin create new works, which show the artist’s perception of feelings and about walking in the city. With these works she has been invited in Syria for a solo exhibition in Damascus and  to take part to an International Art Symposium in Idlib. In her last project the new perception is suspended, contemplated and coloured. Furthermore it  comes back her omage to the Rome's beauty, that she doesn't want to take for granted. During the last period she realizes works on two separated layers, canvas and plexiglass, in order to  simulate movement and the 3D effect.

Mauro Bellucci

lives and works in Rome. He has had exhibitions in Italy and abroad. 



The paintings by Mauro Bellucci where the fencers are represented in the strain of the competition and of the duel in a sort of suspended world which is permeated with the flooding and almost burning presence of the colour white. The artist highlights the mystery of these indecipherable bodies care- fully avoiding any decorative element, effacing the landscape and the background which usually goes with a fencing match, plunging his featureless beings into a milky space, cut out from the world like the setting of a lab. abstract 

(by Lorenzo Canova) 





Mauro Molle


lives and works in Rome, He has had exhibitions in Italy and abroad.

This work wants to express Vital Energy. An explo- sion of energy which gives movement to every- thing, a force moving from the inside to the outside. This makes every single limb a miracle of beauty. Seeing the work from a general prospective we can notice that arms, feet, legs and hands have an exclusive symbolic meaning. These limbs are not just appendices, but they give a sense of an unin- terrupted physical and ideal action, which deserve attention from the spectator. In front of this work, the spectator is overwhelm and astonished by the frenetic rhythm and impossible posture. (Romina Guidelli).





Enrico Lorenzani 




was born and lives in Rome

He moved to London after he had graduated from the Fine Art School of Rome. In London he atten- ded a “City and Guild” course of photography, that experience made him realise he had a passion for photography.

He lived in the UK for 10 years, using it as the main starting point for a lot of journeys all around the world. This helped him to acquire enough expe- rience to became highly specialised in taking pho- tos of landscapes and travelling in general. He worked for al lot of magazines as a freelance pho- tographer. Today he is still inspired by his passion for taking photos from all over the world.






Dino Ignani 





was born and lives in Rome.

He has worked as a photographer for over 30 years. He especially likes working on one or more years projects. He had personal exhibitions in Rome, Genova, Turin (book saloon), Geneva, Bari, Cagliari, Messina, Rieti, Milan and Stockholm. He was at three Rome International Festivals of Pho- tography. A selections of his works “Intimi Ritratti” was bought by the Museum of Contemporary Pho- tography of Cinisello Balsamo.





Marjan Fahimi






Marjan Fahimi is an Iranian painter based in Rome since 2004. Born in Tehran in 1982, she begins to take painting and drawing lessons at the atelier of Hossein Maher and Maryam Mahin at the age of 15.In 2004, after earning a degree in Italian Language and Literature at the University of Tehran, she moves to Rome and begins her studies in Architecture, concluding her training in 2013 with a Master degree in Architecture and Urban Design.

In the works of Marjan Fahimi, subjects are mainly characterized by landscapes, views that highlight the main atmospheric phenomena: air, wind, clouds, rain, water, electricity, land. Dreamlike visions of a scenario where the nature is characterized by a great, compelling poetry. This art made of painting, is a research of mixed emotions but also reveals an investigation into the materials. Marjan emphasizes the charm of the sign, energetic and expressive traits that stand out in the foreground and allude usually to organic elements, but also man- made objects. Sometimes abstract prints on landscapes bring with perseverance to the elements of sky and earth where human presence is painted in the distance, left alone behind.

Linked to traditional techniques she prefers common supports and materials such as canvas, wood, charcoal, oil and acrylic paints. Reconnecting to the analysis of expression crossed by Turner, Marjan although approaches with her research the forms of abstraction of the 50s and 60s of the last century , that appeal to artists such as: Morlotti, Tapies , Manzoni. 






Petr Schevchenko



Petr Schevchenko was born in Moscow into a family with a wide cultural and international background. His mother is a Geologist and his father is a Chemist. He is a mixture of Russian, Armenian, Ukranian and some Baltic blood. Growing up, he had the chance to spend most of my year in Moscow. He was loving art and painting as long as he remembers himself. He studied in a public Moscow school until the age of 12. During his studies there, Art was one of the directions he focused.

He graduated at the age of 17 and went to “International University in Geneva”, which he later graduated with a BBA degree in Finance and Luxury Goods.  His first university studies were dictated by reasons of practicality rather than by what he really wanted to do, which was ART. He was painting in his spare time along with his university studies, with a clear idea that he will be moving himself into the ART world as soon as the moment is right. he moved to Athens, which was attracting him on an intuitive level and seemed to be a very inspiring place to live. He started learning Greek while exploring his options regarding ART education in Athens.

He graduated in 2015 with two diplomas:

Bachelor of Fine Arts and New Media AKTO, Greece

Bachelor of Fine Arts and New Media Middle Sex University, Great Britain

Shortly after his graduation, he had opened his ART Studio, which is located in the center of Athens, where he currently work. The space is mostly used as a working space but it is spacious enough to hold gatherings and perhaps small size ART events. As previously mentioned, it is mostly used as his showroom / painting studio.

His artworks are something between an analysis and a personal discourse on what everything is made of and  how it works on the levels that our basic senses do not perceive. He often address the theme of duality in his work. Duality in the big sense or on the level of each human, such as : good vs evil, life vs death, physical vs non physical, structured vs structureless and etc.. 

He also attempt to explore the topic of continuum, such as continuity of incarnation and the cyclical essence of most natural processes. The mortality of the flesh against the immortality of the soul. His work addresses the general theme of metaphysics but each work focuses on a more specific subsection or discussion of the metaphysical matter that he is interested in, at the moment of creating a specific work.

Up to this day He had several personal exhibitions and participated in a group exhibition:




Historical Archives Museum of Hydra 2015 

Year of Russian Greek cultural relations Athina Pallas, Athens 2016 

Year of Russian Greek cultural relations Grecotel, Rethimno, Crete 2016




“Xenion” group exhibition, MatchMore Gallery, Chania, Crete 2017 


He also participated in several smaller art events held in Athens. 

Zina Kadi



Zina Kadi was born in Lesvos. She graduated from Arsakeio of Athens, studied sociology in Panteion University and she had her Master in Business Administration (MBA). She has worked in position related to her studies in the public and private sectors.

Her love for art made her to dedicate in painting and the last years became her passion. Zina studied painting from her childhood till now and long persistent apprenticeships in private painting workshops next to renowned artist.

She has participated whit her work in group and solo exhibitions. 

Natassa Kaloti

Natassa kaloti is an artist Irish origin currently living in Greece.Her work started off by the influence of Nouveaou Realism, Expressionism and Philosophy.She studied Fine Art at Chelsea college of the Arts,University of the art  London and further went to receive a BA in dance (RAD) and Philosophy, an MPhil in Political Philosophy and holds a PhD in Philosophy of Mind, in Artificial intelligence.She has worked alongsideN.Navridis in "Looking for a Place", which has been exhibited in the Biennale in Santa Fe,New Mexico, Tate Modern and greek Museum on Modern Art.She has been part of a group exhibitions and has also had individual shows.her works belongs to private collections in the USA, UK,ITALY, GREECE and SWITZERLAND.


instagram: kaloti@art