A5: Mauro Bellucci Giusy Lauriola Dino Ignani Mauro Molle Enrico Lorenzani

A5 collective exhibition domus art gallery athens

28th May – 10th September 2015

On Thursday 28th May, Domus Art Gallery presented the exhibition A5.
A5 stands for the 5 Italian artists, who showed their artwork at the Athenian Gallery. The artists include two photographers; Dino Ignani and Enrico Lorenzani, and three visual artists; Mauro Bellucci, Giusy Lauriola and Mauro Molle. A5 also represents the dimension of the paper used in this exhibition. Each artist expressed themselves though 5 or 6 works, to be seen as a cluster of “mini-solo exhibitions”.
Black and white photographs of the Greek musician, Diamanda Galas, taken by Dino Ignani were exhibited in the gallery.

These photographs were taken in 1984 during a concert in Rome. When they met, the photographer had already been working for years the project “Dark Portrait”. Galas was an icon for a lot of young people in those years; young people, who belonged to the underground culture of the 80’s, referred to as “Dark”. Mr Ignani still remembers the kindness and affability shown by the singer, even after a long and challenging concert, she gave him all the time needed, to be photographed.

Enrico Lorenzani in the project “City Lights”, steals light in order to grasp and make the soul of every city eternal: from the romanticism of Prague, to the melancholy of Brighton or the sparkling confusion of Bangkok. He tries to “steal” what he can express with his work. He wants the spectator to enjoy the gift of feelings and sensations which he experienced during his creative process.

Mauro Bellucci and Mauro Molle have named their exhibition Bio-Tech. Their chimneys represent something built by human beings; who are also responsible for pollution. Molle depicts hunting scenes between birds and flies. Both artists want to highlight the relationship between predators and prey, the same relationship between human beings and their planet and animals. Bellucci also shows the Fencers: lonely athletes, who are at the centre of attention, expectations and promises in following their destiny. Unknown to others and with their faces covered, they represent the absence of a hero in our society, in actual fact they could potentially represent any one of us. Molle also shows his Deconstructions: “arms, feet, hands have an exclusive symbolic value. They are not appendices any more, but they can express an idea of physical and ideal effort in action. In other words we have an expression of vital energy (Romina Guidelli).

Giusy Lauriola’s 5 works represent her artistic work of the last years. In some paintings there is the use of resin to crystallise images of people walking through the streets of Rome. These paintings focus on women, who had wings before, but are floating in the air now and have beat gravity through their skills, as well as coloured wings and worlds. A form of program resetting has occurred, in which each element has been isolated and highlighted.
The ground, typical Roman streets, has been emphasized by showing views of an ideal unified world where boundaries are only created through colors which are far away from our actual reality.

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